Cater Quality is a range of quality items for canteens, restaurants, and cafés, offering good quality at the right price. With Cater Quality, you can count on consistent quality.Feel Good Food is a range of easy-to-use convenience speciality items. These are products that will add colour and exciting flavour nuances to your meals.Gourmet Quality signifies gourmet-class ingredients. In our range, we have gathered the best products from skilled producers who have built their reputations on providing the best products to discerning customers.
Egen is exclusively made from Danish ingredients. This product range includes ingredients that are used in traditional Danish dishes.The use of organic foods continues to grow in Danish kitchens. Our organic range is tailored to satisfy industrial kitchens’ requirements for usability and quality. These products are the work of skilled, passionate and proud farmers, for whom quality is their life’s work.Henrik & Co. is a product range tailored to meet consumer demands for product cleanliness, animal welfare and free-range and organic farming. Our range includes find tasty, authentic foods of the highest quality.