About us

DENCON FOODS imports meat from most of the world’s countries and distributes to retail- and catering industries in Denmark and Finland. We have close and long-standing partnerships with more than 150 foreign suppliers, ranging from large South American beef producers who provide our Argentinian steaks and beef tenderloin, to smaller French producers who send their Barbary ducks, quail and poussins to Denmark. High-quality meat is our driving force and the very foundation of our business. Each year we travel around the world in search of new and exciting products, and our eye is always on quality when we visit our suppliers. After all, it is quality products that deliver the greatest sales successes for our customers and the best dining experiences for consumers. We handle all products from our headquarters in Haderslev and we only sell to wholesalers.

Our history
1995: DENCON FOODS is founded and based in a rented office pavilion. Our cold store capacity is also rented.
1997: Our sales and management office relocates to new offices at Finlandsvej 12.
1998: DENCON FOODS moves to its own newly-constructed facilities. 630 m2 of cooling and cold storage with 325 m2 of offices and canteen on the first floor were brought into use.
2001: The headquarters in Haderslev are extended once more, now totalling 1,291 m2.
2003: Increased sales mean that DENCON FOODS now takes up more than 4,505 m2, the vast majority designed for cold storage.
2008: DENCON FOODS sets up offices in Finland.
2010: The warehouse is extended with a large dry goods storage area for products that are not subject to storage temperature requirements.
2011: DENCON FOODS is awarded IFS certification.
2013: DENCON FOODS expands with a new division in Sweden.
2016: DENCON FOODS expands with offices in Estonia.


Meat is not just meat. And, as with all other objects and products, meat can also be purchased in various quality grades. At DENCON FOODS, we only supply quality meats, monitoring microbial food safety as a matter of course.

At DENCON FOODS, we make it a priority that our customers can trust our products. This is why we constantly work with food safety and quality control, both internally and on our suppliers’ premises.

Naturally, we also monitor bacteriology – in Denmark and abroad.

IFS – certification that means optimal food safety

DENCON FOODS was IFS certified in 2011. The following year we were awarded IFS High Level certification. IFS certification means that as a company, we are compliant with a wide range of requirements for the systematic control of all processes within the company. These controls are our way of achieving the greatest possible food safety.

An IFS certificate is our customers’ (and ultimately our consumers’) security that the products supplied by DENCON FOODS fulfil the relevant food safety requirements.

A key advantage of IFS certification is the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system. In simple terms, the system involves anchoring and writing down procedures for every working process in the company. Any deviations should be recorded and reviewed on an ongoing basis to eliminate errors and further develop the working process.


Our vision is to be a value-creating and innovative quality food partner, for both customers and suppliers.
We want to be Northern Europe’s best free and independent supplier of quality foods.