Meat is more than just meat. And like many other kinds of things, objects and products, meat is available in different grades of quality. DENCON FOODS stocks the best quality meat.

We know every step of the product’s journey – from farm to table. We regularly visit all of our suppliers and wherever we visit, we always closely inspect the sites where the livestock are bred and processed. We monitor suppliers to ensure they comply with our standards – not just in the care of livestock, but also their working conditions and social responsibility.

Naturally, we also monitor bacteriology – in Denmark and abroad.

IFS certification

At DENCON FOODS we strive to ensure that our customers can always trust our products. Consequently, we continuously work with food safety and quality control – both in-house and at our suppliers.

DENCON FOODS was IFS-certified in 2011. IFS certification means that we comply with an extensive series of requirements for the systematic control of all of our company processes. We audit our methods to achieve optimal food safety.

The IFS certificate is the retail sector’s guarantee and ultimately the customers’ guarantee that DENCON FOODS supplies products that comply with all of the food safety requirements.

A significant benefit of IFS certification is Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). The system rehearses and records procedures for each individual work process in the company. Any deviations are registered and processes are constantly evaluated to correct errors and to further develop the work processes.


DENCON FOODS will be both an innovative and value-creating partner in the quality food sector – for both customers and suppliers.

We will be the market leader for chilled and frozen food by offering the best service and by creating value for our customers. 49 l