Black Angus​

Burger patty​

Win on taste with Big Al’s Black Angus.

Big Al’s Black Angus is made with Irish Black Angus cattle. A real meaty burger patty, with a marbled texture delivering supreme juiciness and incredible succulent flavours.

Deliver big on taste and quality!

Black angus quality taste
What makes the Black angus so special?
Black Angus
Big on

Win on taste with Big Al’s Gourmet Burgers.
Big Al’s Gourmet burger range is created using specially selected cuts and named beef breeds chosen for their delicious flavour, juiciness and tender meat and texture, unlocking the best burger action.
The burgers in this range are the ultimate in burger taste and indulgence. They are crafted with customer requirements and market trends in mind.
Deliver big on taste with the Big Al’s Gourmet range.

Big Al’s takes pride in sourcing the very best quality products for your kitchen.
We have invested heavily in specialist equipment and in-depth quality check processes to produce consistent, quality products that perform to the highest level in every kitchen.
We work with the best Irish farmers, partners and operators to ensure consistent quality, and best beef possible with every serve.

Big Al’s provide solutions to help you work smarter, not harder.

We understand the challenges operators are facing today. With reduced staff, your time has never been more valuable. This product range can replace ‘fresh burgers’ as we’ve done the hard work for you.
Big Al’s products are quick and consistent to cook, gifting you priceless time back to focus on future-proofing all areas of your business.

Big Al’s products are frozen to give you the added advantage of only cooking what you need on the day, no matter your footfall. This means that you have more flexibility in the kitchen whilst significantly reducing product waste.

Stocking frozen products means reduced health & safety risks with less touch-points compared to risks associated with fresh product.

Big Al’s is about great solutions that help you stay ahead of the trends and offer your customers a memorable dining experience.

As market leaders in the meat category, we commission extensive research into consumer drivers and work with our culinary innovation team to bring you next-generation recipe builds designed to future-proof your menu and make each dining moment ownable & memorable

The outstanding quality and unrivalled flavour of the Gourmet Burger range makes these burgers prime for customisation and key menu stand out dishes.

Consumers are willing to pay a premium for quality and dishes with provenance call-outs on menus.

Big Al’s Gourmet burgers are made from Irish grass-fed beef that is fully traceable. Named source dishes also have the highest menu price on average. Therefore, using our named breed burgers such as the Prime is a great way to make your menu stand out and stay ahead with a powerful provenance story you can charge a premium for.

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Please note that Big Al’s burgers are for professionals only.