Welcome to
Burger Academy!

— Where we take the art of burger-making to a whole new level!
At Burger Academy, we believe that burgers are not just a meal;
they’re an experience. 

Learn all about, taste, trends, preparation and creating global flavors.

Learn new skills, no matter your expertise.
You will work in teams, and the Big Al’s team teaches and guides everyone well through the processes, and will go in depth with technical aspects on how to elevate your burger game. Look forward to participating in a day full of inspiration and learning, that both inspire pro burger chefs and “burger-beginners”.
Best way of learning is having fun.

When going home from the Academy, we want you to not only be better at combining and crafting the perfect burger for your audience, we also want you to have a great day, it’s super important for us, to make sure that you have a fantastic day.

When learning becomes a game, knowledge becomes a prize worth winning.
At the Burger Academy, there will be some fun and tasty competition, so you will be able to show off some skills while learning. And someone told me there will be some cool stuff to win :-O
Food trends are the heartbeat of gastronomic innovation.
We want to share all the latest foodtrends and what we believe will be the food trends for next year. We will also help you on how you can implement some of the trends in your kitchen.
What you get

Once you have attended the academy, you will be fully equipped to make innovative and delicious burgers, all participants will receive an apron, a recipe and burger trend collection.

Please note that the program is continuously updated.
It all goes down the 11. October.


DENCON FOODS makes sure that everyone are well received.

Who is al?

Big Al’s makes a short introduction, get to know their amazing history, why they are a market leader and get some dips into global food trends.

Short break

Go grab a cup of coffee and some water.

Academic Approach

Our chefs share trends, ideas, tips and tricks on how to elevate your burger game.

Short break

Go grab a cup of coffee and some water.

Group work

Work together on building a signatur burger.


Each group presents their burger to the chefs.


Small talk while sharing burgers.

Thank you!

We give award for the best burger, say thank you and have a save trip home.

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