Burger patty

Our flame-grilled patty is a delicious and convenient option for a great burger experience without the hassle of cooking from scratch. These patties are made with Irish beef and are cooked using flame grill, giving them a delicious smoky flavor and perfectly charred exterior, with iconic grill stribes.

Because they are pre-cooked, all you need to do is heat them up in the microwave, oven, merrychef, or on the stovetop, and they’re ready to serve. This makes them ideal for quick and easy servings, such as festivals, foodtrucks and events with a large numbers of people, but also ideal for smaller kitchens and small servings, because it does not need anything but a microwave to be prepared.

Big On Taste Quality Time Saving Waste saving Future menus Profit

Comes in 3 sizes

Choose the one that suits your needs.
To make the burger even bigger make a double-stack.


40 x 57g per bag.
2 bags in box — 4,56 kg/crt.


24 x 90g per bag.
2 bags in box — 4,32 kg/crt.


16 x 135g in bag
2 bags in box — 4,32 kg/crt.


Benefits compared to a raw meat burger Ready to heat. Easy to handle. Fast to prepare. Consistent flavour. Easy to heat.  Big servings. Less meat waste. Less energy loss. Less cleaning. Less shrinking. Consistent in size. No trained staff needed.

What makes the flamegrilled patty so special?
Want to know more about Big Al’s burgers?
Big on

Big Al’s fully cooked burger range is cooked on the largest open flame BBQ in Europe for a truly unmatched authentic BBQ flavour.

Convenience doesn’t mean you have to loose out on taste, this range allows you to deliver full-on flame-grilled flavour in minutes, each and every time.

When it comes to taste, we’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

Big Al’s takes pride in sourcing the very best quality products for your kitchen.

We work with the best farmers, partners and operators to ensure consistent quality with every serve.

Our full range of beef burgers are fully traceable, using only the finest Irish and British beef. Delivering on consistent high-quality taste, texture and appearance with high meat content at 85% beef.

To ensure this high standard, we conduct 41 product checks on each cookline, along with 100 taste tests on-site annually.

We understand the challenges operators are facing today. With reduced staff, your time has never been more valuable. Big Al’s Fully Cooked product range simply heats in minutes allowing you to serve high footfall with ease. Providing consistent high-quality taste, texture and appearance each and every time helping you keep back of house options simple.

They can be cooked in a Microwave, Oven or MerryChef meaning you don’t need to buy specialist equipment to serve our product.

As these products are so quick and easy to serve, minimal time is needed for staff training. They’re ideal solutions for kitchens with reduced or inexperienced crews.

Big Al’s products are frozen to give you the added advantage of only cooking what you need on the day, no matter your footfall. This means that you have more flexibility in the kitchen whilst significantly reducing product waste. Stocking frozen products means reduced health & safety risks with less touch-points compared to risks associated with fresh product.

Big Al’s fully cooked burgers ease the cooking process for operators as they can be heated straight from frozen without being thawed, and deliver consistent flavour, appearance and size every time.

Big Al’s is about great solutions that help you stay ahead of the trends and offer your customers a memorable dining experience.

As market leaders in the burger category, we commission extensive research into consumer drivers and work with our culinary innovation team to bring you next-generation burger builds designed to future-proof your menu.

With the time this range saves you on prep, you can dedicate to the final dish craft and innovation. Big Al’s provide a range of next-generation recipe builds designed to future-proof your menu and make each dining moment ownable & memorable

Big Al’s fully cooked burgers are made from British and Irish beef. Geographical locations such as British and Irish Beef is a great way to make your menu stand out and stay ahead with a powerful provenance story.

The fully cooked range means reduced labour costs as staff with little culinary experience can easily cook the product from frozen. This means less training is required since the products are pre-prepared and cook in minutes, meaning faster serving times for customers and energy cost savings.

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Please note that Big Al’s burgers are for professionals only.